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5 side effects of working as a UX Designer

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UX Design is a rising profession. However, just like content strategists we are still a rare, uncharted kind. To give you an insight into the daily work life of a UX Designer I refer you to this video by Kantega AS,

After watching the video and now knowing what we do in a 40-hour work week, let me explain to you the side effects I experience in my private life as a UX Designer.

1. Staring at people’s screens

Whether it’s at a bus stop or at the register in a supermarket. If someone stands within the 2 metre radius of my personal space with their phone out, I will stare at its screen. I don’t care about the details of last night’s drunk texts or the pictures in your Instagram feed. All I want to know is how you hold your smartphone and how you use its interface. If you’re over 50 or under 15 you’re especially a target of mine. This sounds extremely weird, but I swear it’s only for research purposes.

2. Feed me feedback!

In my job I heavily depend on feedback and I constantly ask questions. To the annoyance of my partner and friends I also started doing this when not working. I just love picking people’s brains to gain more knowledge and insight into the human mode of thinking. Luckily, I’m still a rather shy person. So unless I don’t know you very well, you won’t become a victim of mine. The perk of this on the other hand is that I love to give feedback. I’m one of those people at IKEA or OBI that rates the service on these little stands with the smiley buttons. Nothing I enjoy more!

3. Patience and Understanding

I have developed a great patience for people who don’t seem to understand technology. This also means I don’t actually loathe sitting next to my parents figuring out anti-virus programs and outdated accounting software. I enjoy exploring the problems human beings have with various types of software and I understand that it can be a huge struggle to achieve goals with it.

4. Apps … apps everywhere

I am an app hoarder. I admit it and I know that I have a problem. My iPhone is full of apps that I scarcely use just because I wanted to test something or I wanted to check out the app of the competition. Whenever I try to do some spring cleaning on my phone I fail miserably because I live by the words “I might need it at some other point in time”. Yes, you’re right, I hardly ever do and even if, I could just download it again.

5. UX fails slightly annoy but hugely satisfy me

Failing to buy bus tickets online because the Wiener Linien have decided to terminate the ticket sale in the bus and the only quantity you’re able to buy are 5 tickets? Others would be infuriated. Me? After a short annoyed rant, I find it very amusing how even big corporations fail to provide actions so essential to their business. Most importantly: Learn from other’s mistakes (and take screenshots or videos to also let other people have a laugh at it).

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