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Blogging ain’t easy. Reflecting on my writing experience.

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It’s been roughly 10 months since we’ve have started When I think back to the start, I remember being not happy about doing something like this. I was quite anxious about having a public blog with articles written by me on it. I’ve always told myself that writing is not my thing. I’ll still stick to that opinion.

But along the way this „chore“ kind of grew on me. I learned how to publish content with wordpress and I challenged my creativity to come up with ideas for blogposts.

Recently, Jutta our course leader asked us the following questions to make us reflect on our excursion into „journalism“ and „blogging“. Here are my answers:

Do you have the whole picture of the post already in your head when you start?

No. I have a rough idea. Sometimes it turns out to be a good idea then I keep going, sometimes I’m not feeling it and I might go into a totally different direction.

What do you think when you write the first words?

I would like to start with something interesting or funny, but usually I just start with something, anything just to keep going. It takes a lot of time for me to get into the writing process. So when I start I know that I will later correct it anyway if I don’t like it.

What are the first words? (title, footnotes, …?)

Usually it is the beginning of the article or the start of a paragraph. Headlines come much later. If I have a good sentence or finding in my head, I’ll just note that down so I can build around it or put it in somewhere later. It’s not a linear process at all.

What is easy for you? What difficult? What needs a lot of time?

The whole process is difficult in my opinion ^^ It’s a huge struggle to overcome the anxiety of sitting down and writing. It does get better when I’m halfway in. I’m very critical of myself when it comes to my writing. I just don’t have a natural talent for it. Therefore it takes me much longer than others. The only part that is easy for me is finding pictures or coming up with visualizations. That part is fun too.

What do you hate when writing a blog post? When does this hate emerge?

The start. The feeling when you sit in front of a blank page. Also … I really hate reading my old blog posts. Usually I’m not very fond of them and I think: „What was I thinking when writing this?“.

How is your mood? Are you confident that your post will be good enough? When do you feel insecure?

Most of the time I feel insecure ^^ In the end I do feel a sense of accomplishment, because I’ve forced myself to do this (I’ve beaten my inner „Schweinhund“). I like to challenge myself and these blogposts are a great way to educate myself and broaden my horizon. Hopefully no one ever addresses my work when talking to me. Then I’d die with shame 😛

Learnings for the future?

Read some literature about how to write. I have a very long book wishlist on Amazon, but no time to read. I should also make the change to collect ideas for blog posts in one place (now it’s on my phone, Mac and post-it notes). Considering my writing style, I could link other articles or people more often and incorporate even more personal experiences (it’s more fun to write about that).

Nina Hintner

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