Four things I do during a webinar

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My friends often ask me how I am able to manage a master’s degree and my private life besides my full-time job. The good thing is, that my master’s degree is organized as an online degree where around 75% of the subjects are held online in a so-called webinar. This means I can attend the class wherever and in which physical behavior I like.

Since most of the webinars take place in the evening, I have plenty of time focusing on my job and my private life before the start. …in theory.

In fact I am always in a rush, hurrying from my sports training to the webinar, not having had my dinner (and this could end badly) or being exhausted from the office. Still I manage to be online, listen to the lecturer and be able to finish previous tasks.

Here are four things you can do during a webinar without losing focus:

1)      Putting on a face mask

In our webinars it is not mandatory to turn on the webcam. This gives you a huge amount of possibilities. My favorite one is putting on a face mask while attending the class. Still, there is always the fear that suddenly there could be a breakout session where we have to turn on the camera. #livingontheedge

Face Mask
Face Mask

2)      Doing the laundry

Washing my clothes and hanging them on the drying rack is one of my main household activities during the webinar. Whilst washing the dishes is too loud and makes it harder to listen, doing the laundry is perfectly fine and you are still able to follow the slides.


3)      Eating

Since my day is booked solid, I always manage to get my dinner during the webinar. Just make sure that your Audio is turned off. No one likes to listen to your lip-smacking.


4)      Daily stretching routine

In yoga they say you just get better when you are holding your pose for a long time. In general I do not take the time to spend minutes over minutes holding the “pigeon”. Doing it during a webinar makes it killing two birds with one stone.


Being a woman and therefore being able to handle multiple things the same time makes it easy to combine webinars with other tasks. And if there was this tiny chance to miss a part of the webinar, there is still the option to watch the recording afterwards. But then without distraction 😉


Silvia Sprügl

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