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My favourite blogs on the web

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The internet is full of amazing things. Just like every millennial I browse the web on a daily basis. For hours on end. I consult blogs for my work, life advices and for entertainment.

Here are the blogs I frequent most often. It’s a mix between Design and Content. Right where I feel most comfortable 🙂

Nick Babich

Nick Babich is a software developer with a knack for user experience. Whether it’s concepts for mobile notifications or how to use green and red in UI design, he covers it all. His articles are very well structured and comprehensibly written. I love that he often gives visual examples of „well executed“ and „not well executed“. I’ve gathered so much knowledge through his blog posts. His articles appear on sites likes Smashing Magazine and Medium besides his own blog.

UX Planet

This one is an agglomeration of UX articles by various authors. Or how they call it: „One-stop resource for everything related to user experience“. The founder and one of the content creators is none other than Nick Babich, who was already mentioned. It has become one of my addictions to open UX Planet once a day when I’m at work.

Invision App Blog

Whenever I open a new tab on Chrome I see Muzli. Muzli (yes the name comes from the German name for healthy breakfast cereal) is a browser extension by Invision that collects articles, illustrations, cool websites, new products and tools. Basically it is a trend radar focused on design and technology. Because it’s by Invision, it features many articles from their own blog. Totally fine by me. I love how they write about miscellaneous design-related topics.

For anyone interested in the browser extension, check this:

Talk Content

This one is by fellow co-student Marijana Miljkovic. I’m a huge podcast fan. I love listening to NPR, Michael Buchinger or Dribbble’s Overtime when I’m in front of my computer doing design work. What makes Marijana’s podcast so awesome is that it is content related and even better, related to my studies. She has interviewed some of our lecturers and I think it’s great to get to know them more „privately“. On top of that she’s got such a pleasant, soft voice. Podcast (Music) in my ears! The only drawback? I need more episodes more frequently! Now!

Gather Content Blog

A great source for content-related articles. Their collection is very extensive and they do cool specials like the Content Strategy Advent Calendar. Sometimes they even features our lecturer Rahel Bailie! I just recently started to frequent this site more often and I feel it will even increase when I’m working on my master’s thesis.

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