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Reflection in action – or how I write my blog posts

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In my Masters degree, we regularly have to write blog posts and reflect our lectures in it. This time we are asked to think about our portfolio, about our writing procedure and which challenges we face during the writing.

The decision process

When I have to write a blog post, I have many various thoughts in my mind. Oh great, I’d like to write about the last workshop I’ve attended. Damn it, I do not have a topic. What could be of interest to someone else? Would I have enough content to create this posting? Is it interesting enough to read? Would I even read it? No worries…. it is just for the etivitiy, I can write whatever I want to say. But does it fulfill my own requirements? There are so many thoughts which aggravate my writing process. And then, when I finally have decided about the topic, the process of writing starts.

The first words

I got so many advices how to write a blog posting. And still, the first words are the hardest for me. Sometimes I start with the headline, other times I start in the middle of the blog. To get the ultimate hint, I searched on YouTube for more inspiration. Income School explained how to write the perfect blog posting in just one hour. Still, I take the ideas from this video the most in consideration. They define the topic, then set the sub headlines and just fill the body for each sub headline with content. Sounds easy. And yes, sometimes it is.

Thoughts about the body

A classmate gave me the hint that I should just start to write without wasting too much thoughts on the structure, the connection between the sentences and if it will be nicely readable afterwards. I try to follow her advice as often as possible and she is right. The important thing is, that there is content. I can still adapt and improve it, if it exists. And that’s how I produce my postings most of the time.

Sometimes it happens, that I change the structure and content of my blog. It suddenly does no feel right anymore. It helps to leave the text aside and sleep one night over it. The next day I always have a new view on the posting.

What I think about my posts

I wrote posts which were fun to write and were I liked the topic a lot. Others, especially the ones which should have a deeper content, are not that easy to write. When I was a child, I wanted to be an author or journalist. I wrote many tales and it was fun for me. Still, I lost track and studied business without having any focus on writing anymore.

Today, when I have to write a blog posting and I read the awesome texts of my colleagues (especially journalists and copywriters), I do not feel comfortable about my content at all. My own requirements rise, and it is often impedimental for my writing flow. My preferred solution for this problem is triggered from my laziness and the reality. My colleagues studied writing, they do writing in their job, they earn their money with writing. I cannot expect to write as good content, as these colleagues do. And the second thought is, that I am just to lazy (or realistic) to improve my writing skills. I have other skills which I’d like to improve and my existing writing skills are enough for this portfolio.

Having thought about my writing process, I can sum up, that writing is hate and love the same side. Sometimes it annoys and stresses me. Other days I am in a flow and it is the easiest task on earth. If you do not feel comfortable enough to write, I recommend to contact one of my favorite journalists Katrin Burgstaller and ask her about her writing techniques. Find more about her in her portfolio for Content Strategy.


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