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I haven’t been this unfit since 2013. Partially at fault is my master’s course „content strategy“ (damn you, education!). I’m pretty much seated all day. At work and then in the evening during webinars. Full-time stressed people know this struggle. No time to work out. Some don’t mind. People like me do! I need to burn the calories from all the comfort eating I do during these hard times. Additionally, I play semi-professional Ultimate Frisbee. I actually have a training plan I should stick to. Well, I currently don’t. And I needed a solution for this problem.

So last week, fellow student of mine Silvia and I brought our phones and iPad to the gym and swung ourselves onto the stationary bikes 🚴🏼‍♀️ and attended a webinar while cycling. Turned out to be one of the best ideas I had in a long time. 100 long minutes we pedalled hard. I aimed for my heartrate to be between 136 and 151. That gives you a decent workout while still being able to listen. I noticed that I had a much better focus. I listened more carefully. Usually my mind wanders off to places far off from content strategy. Maybe during exercise more oxygen makes its way to my brain, hence the increased attention span. And in the gym, there are no distractions such as dirty dishes or dusty floors. Just me, myself and the bicycle (and Silvia).

Me watching a webinar while cycling

I really regret not having done this earlier. So many times I’ve complained about the decay of my body. No more excuses from now on! The best part: I still have many Udemy courses I want to watch. I surely won’t do this at home!

For our next webinar, Silvia and me will try out the elliptical or treadmill 😀

If you’re not a fan of sweat-inducing exercises such as cycling, I have these tips for a more productive webinar:


I never realize how tense I am from sitting all day until I go to yoga class and all my joints and bones crack like I’m 60-something years old. During a webinar you’ve got 90 minutes to just relax and care for your body. Put on some comfy clothes, grab a mat and place your laptop on the floor or something less elevated. With two to three webinars a week you might reach your toes without being in pain by the end of the semester.

Black rolling

Sometimes there is time for a work out. After those sessions (when you haven’t been to the gym in a looong while!) your body will show you remorselessly how sore it can become. To either prevent this or to relieve the pain you’re suffering, you can grab a Black Roll or any round, bottle-like object and roll your calves, thighs or back on it. It will hurt like hell, but fascia and muscles will thank you.

Head stands

I can better relate to the German term „Infaulenzer“ (word play combining influencer with lazy) rather than influencer. Nevertheless, I do envy those insta yoga girls with their flexibility and handstand acrobatics. I’m sure this doesn’t bring relaxation instantly, however sometimes a look at the world (and in this case at webinar slides) upside-down brings new perspectives.

At last, a short quiz:

Which classic song have I really botched-up here?


I can ride my bike through the webinar

through the webinar

through the webinar

I can ride my bike through the webinar

through the webinar

through the webinar

Look at me, look at me

Headphones in the ear like it’s good to be



Tell me your answer in the comments 🙂

Nina Hintner

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